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iJobs Center permanent staff recruitment and pre-employment screening services give you Bulgaria’s most productive employee search.

Quality is iJobs Center's driving force.

The Permanent Placement Consultants of iJobs Center Bulgaria are devoted exclusively to finding the right candidate fit for your company. Our drive for quality influences every decision we make – from people to processes to technology – and enables us to deliver on every promise. We service our clients in the strictest of confidence. We have built-in quality measures for every aspect of our business, and set our standards high to meet our clients' permanent staffing needs in a competitive marketplace.

Company and candidate profiles

Each role we recruit for requires a different set of skills and personality traits. iJobs Center’s Permanent Placement Consultants strive for a thorough understanding of the requirements of the position. By meeting with our client, we are able to obtain a thorough assessment of the company’s culture. The time our Consultants spend getting to understand the exact requirements of the job and the company culture results in a lower interview-to-placement ratio.

iJobs Center has a larger pool of applicants

Our offices are networked to an international database, enabling real time candidate searches. By searching an international pool of candidates with specific skill sets means, we help you benefit from faster, wider, more productive searches.

iJobs Center pre employment screening services ensure quality candidates

iJobs Center’s pre employment screening process involves a lengthy but critical series of steps; resume screening, telephone interviews, evaluations, face-to-face meetings and reference checks. Our recruiters seek long-term matches that not only fit the open position, but also the company. Only our best candidates are presented to our clients.

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