Mass Recruitment

What is mass recruitment?

iJobs Center’s core competency is the ability to fill a variety of different positions within different industries on a daily basis with the right candidate fit. Whether hospitality, oil, industrial, gas, or general recruitment solutions: iJobs Center is able to take on almost any type of recruitment challenge.

The assessment centre is one of the possible solutions to the growing demand of our clients for quality candidates, in large volumes and short periods of time. Mostly it is either the case for service centers of especially high volume, to compensate for the turnover rate, or when a new service is starting, which needs strong profiled employees to rocket it to success.

How do we do it?

At iJobs Center, we thrive on this type of challenge. We utilize our staff and our resources to achieve our clients’ goals. iJobs Center programs are designed to ensure volume, quality and retention management. It is our objective to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations by continuing to offer leading recruitment solutions, as well as, customized recruitment and outsourcing solutions, enabling our clients to focus only on their core business.

Mass Recruitment is probably the most complex form of recruitment today. Advertising strategically in order to ensure the ongoing applicant requirement has been demonstrated, is one of the most important elements to ensure response times are met.

Recruiting at iJobs Center is a process, not an event. Our formalized recruitment methodology supports our quality commitment to our Clients. Our service teams understand recruiting to be a critical function and a key driver in the success of both iJobs Center and its customers.

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