Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are you?
iJobs Center is a startup company which specializes in human resource recruitment. We operate from our main office in Sofia, Bulgaria and work with companies worldwide to place skilled candidates to their fitting job position.
2. Do I have to pay to use your services?
We believe that everyone should have access to their dreamt career path. That is why our services for you as a candidate are absolutely free of charge. Learn more about our values here.
3. May I still submit my application if there is no current job opening I am interested in?
Yes, we totally encourage candidates’ proactivity. Our goal is to explore your talents and skills, and find an appropriate position for you. You can always submit your Resume as a general application, highlighting your areas of interest. Our expert consultants will get in touch with you as soon as a matching vacancy appears.
4. I submitted my application for a current recruiting campaign. What will follow next?
Our recruitment experts will examine all the applications received for the position, and will short-list only those which match the requirements. In case your application is selected, we will contact you either by phone or by email for interview invitation.
5. I was not short-listed for the position I have applied for. What will happen with my application?
Even though your application has not been short-listed for the certain position, we are still dedicated to support you in seeking an appropriate job opening. Your application will be stored in our internal database and we will contact you in the future with information for career opportunities which might be potentially interesting for you.
6. Do I have any obligations toward IJC after submitting my application?
No, as a candidate you are not under any formal or legal obligations or restrictions.
Is your question still unanswered? Contact us via email [email protected] with your comments and let us know how we can be helpful.